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Mberengwa Robbers Plunge Shopkeeper into a Devastating Robbery

Mberengwa Robbers Plunge Shopkeeper into a Devastating Robbery

Two suspected Mberengwa robbers broke into a grocery shop and subjected the shopkeeper to a  horrifying ordeal of robbery and took turn to molest her.

Robbery and Rape at Vanguard Business Centre

According to Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Insp Emmanuel Mahoko, the incident occurred at approximately 2 am.  He citied that that the two suspects forcibly entered the grocery shop. Upon discovering the shopkeeper asleep, they took turns molesting her.

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Violent Extortion and Theft

In their act of violence, the robbers threatened the shopkeeper’s life with a machete and demanded money. Fearing for her safety, the shopkeeper handed over US$425 in cash and a Techno cellphone. The shopkeeper, however, managed to identify the perpetrators as individuals she knew, Nyasha and Baba Devine from the Vanguard area in Mberengwa.

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Police Officer Faces Extortion Charges

In a separate incident, a police officer identified as Norest Mubvuma appeared before Harare Magistrate Mr. Dennis Mangosi, charged with extortion. Allegedly, Mubvuma demanded a sum of US$6,500 from an individual whom he accused of defrauding a Chinese national, in exchange for not arresting him.

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Accomplices Still at Large

Mubvuma’s three male accomplices, who participated in the extortion scheme, are currently evading capture by authorities. The State alleges that the group coerced the complainant by posing as police officers and informing him of his arrest for defrauding the Chinese national. To secure his freedom, the suspects demanded a payment of US$6,500 in cash, ultimately accepting a motor vehicle and US$1,300 cash as a substitute.

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These incidents underscore the urgency for prompt justice and the vital role of community awareness against such horrific crimes. iBulawayo’s report reveals a concerning increase in cases involving ZRP officers engaged in extortion.