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Armed Robbers from South Africa Arrested in Harare Lodge Shoot-Out

Armed Robbers from South Africa Arrested in Harare Lodge Shoot-Out

Armed robbers believed to based in South Africa have been arrested following a shoot-out with police at a lodge in Harare. The gang, accused of a series of robberies and kidnappings, had been on a crime spree before their encounter with law enforcement.

A Shoot-Out at a Guest House

The incident unfolded when information reached the CID Homicide in Harare about the presence of the suspects at a guest house in Arcadia. Detectives swiftly launched a raid on the premises, prompting the suspects to attempt an escape. However, a fierce exchange of gunfire erupted, resulting in the death of two individuals and the apprehension of four others.

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Details Unveiled by Police Spokesperson

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the national police spokesperson, provided further details regarding the incident. He confirmed the deaths of Jabulani Ngobeni and Godknows Machingura during the shoot-out and announced the arrests of Ndiafhi Makhado, Andrew Masubelele, Paul Zhou, and Emmanuel Makamo. The suspects, who had traveled from South Africa, were allegedly planning armed robberies in Zimbabwe.

Recovery of Firearms and Confessions

As the investigation progressed, law enforcement recovered a 9mm Star Pistol loaded with ammunition. Paul Zhou, one of the suspects, reportedly confessed to booking the accommodation and hiring two vehicles for the criminal activities. The gang had also planned to target properties in Kwekwe, along Birmingham Road.

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Concerns and Call for Vigilance

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi expressed concern over the involvement of foreign nationals in organized crime within Zimbabwe. He urged the public to remain vigilant and safety-conscious during the holiday season. Additionally, the police encouraged citizens to report any criminal activity to the National Complaints Desk or their nearest police station.


The alarming surge in high-stakes armed robberies, which have seen criminals making off with substantial sums of money, has caught the attention of authorities and the public alike. A report by iBulawayo sheds light on this distressing trend, revealing the urgent need for action.