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Sangoma ‘General Mashengo’ and Wife Deceived and Robbed Client

Sangoma ‘General Mashengo’ and Wife Deceived and Robbed Client in Ritual Scam

A self-proclaimed sangoma, known as General Mashengo and his wife deceived and robbed his client Lubelihle Makwati during a supposed cleansing ritual. General Mashengo, and his wife, Octavia Mashengo were recently deported from South Africa.

Tempted by Promises of Supernatural Aid

Makwati encountered the couple while they were en route to Zimbabwe and claiming to possess supernatural powers. They offered to assist her with a ritual cleansing to solve her problems, a proposition to which Makwati reluctantly agreed. Trusting in their promises, Makwati consented to their help. However, the sangoma insisted that the cleansing needed to be done urgently, adding to the pressure on Makwati.

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Urgent Cleansing Ceremony at Beitbridge

General Mashengo informed her that the cleansing had to take place promptly and proposed conducting it at Beitbridge Border Post. Once they arrived at the designated site, the couple instructed Makwati to change her clothes, explaining that the ritual could potentially soil her attire.

Makwati’s Shocking Revelation

“We made our stop at the Beitbridge Border Post to conduct the ritual cleansing. It was during that supposed ritual that I figured something must be wrong because of the way the sangoma and his wife seemed to be communicating. Although they were not saying anything out loud, the two seemed to be communicating something to each other. I was distracted while changing my clothes. The couple swiftly made off with my phone, a substantial amount of money, and a large suitcase with my clothes,” Makwati revealed.

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Another Possible Accomplice Uncovered

Additionally, Makwati suspected the involvement of another woman named Nozithelo Matsika. She cited that the man claimed to be from Kwekwe but was residing in Bulawayo. “I am suspecting that another woman who identified herself as Nozithelo Matsika is involved in this. Because when I went back to the car that we were traveling in, she was also not there,” Makwati expressed her suspicions.

Makwati promptly reported the incident to the police, who have initiated an investigation into the matter.