You are currently viewing JAN JAM Salesperson Faces Court for Stealing Clothes Worth US$4K
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JAN JAM Salesperson Faces Court for Stealing Clothes Worth US$4K

JAN JAM Salesperson Faces Court for Stealing Clothes Worth US$4K

A 24-year-old JAN JAM salesperson, Caroline Mutisi, appeared in court on charges of stealing clothes worth US$4K from the store. The prosecution argues that Mutisi exploited her position of trust by opening sealed bale sacks and pilfering dresses and mannequins.

A Breach of Trust

Caroline Mutisi

Caroline allegedly took advantage of her role as a cashier and salesperson at JAN Jam along George Silundika Avenue. It is also claimed that between November 13 and 20, she was entrusted with three sealed bale sacks containing boutique clothes for safekeeping.

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Discovery of Missing Stock Raises Suspicion

The complainant, Cynthia Bizure, discovered on November 22 that two of the bale sacks had been tampered with. Conducting a thorough stock take, she realized that merchandise worth US$3,352 was unaccounted for.

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Unraveling the Mystery

Further investigation revealed that Mutisi had been removing wrapped items from the shop and sending them to an undisclosed location via taxi. A security guard disclosed this information to Bizure, leading her to confront Mutisi.

Recovery of Stolen Goods and Arrest

Following the confrontation, Bizure learned that Mutisi had opened her own shop on Cameron Street. Acting swiftly, Bizure arranged for a taxi driver to transport the stolen items, including four mannequins worth $600 and dresses worth $400, to Mutisi’s new store.

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Legal Proceedings and Prosecution’s Opposition to Bail

The matter was reported to the police, resulting in Mutisi’s subsequent arrest. In court, the prosecution opposed bail, expressing concerns that she might attempt to flee. Mutisi is scheduled to appear in court today for further proceedings.


As the case of alleged theft by Caroline Mutisi continues to unfold, it raises pressing concerns regarding trustworthiness and employee accountability. Moreover, a recent report by H-Metro highlights an alarming trend of employee theft, exemplified by the recent case of a Glow employee absconding with $5,000.