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Chigodora Father of 15 Accused of Marrying Daughter to a Goblin

Chigodora Father of 15 Accused of Marrying Daughter to a Goblin

A father of 15, Aleck Chinzou from Chigodora is facing serious allegations of marrying his daughter to a goblin. Christina Chinzou, the daughter is claiming that the goblin is hindering her from maintaining stable relationships.

The Distressing Cycle of Failed Marriages and Mental Illness

According to Christina, she has endured three unsuccessful marriages. She claims that all of them were marred by her sudden bouts of mental illness. Christina placed the blame squarely on her father, Aleck Chinzou, accusing him of orchestrating her suffering. Each time she begins to enjoy her marriage or a romantic affair, her mental state deteriorates leading to violent behavior and ultimately the breakdown of the relationship.

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Allegations of Goblin Marriage and Family Misfortune

Adding to the turmoil, Christina revealed that spiritual healers have identified her father as the source of her misery. She claimed that her father married her off to a goblin, condemning her to a lifetime without a successful marriage.

“We have consulted spiritual healers, and all of them have fingered my father as the culprit causing my suffering,” stated Christina. “We were told that my father married me off to a goblin, and I will never marry until I am freed from this goblin marriage.”

Brother’s Mysterious Death Fuels Accusations of Father’s Involvement

Furthermore, Christina disclosed another tragedy that struck their family when her brother perished in a mysterious fire. Spiritual healers have also accused her father of causing the tragic incident, as her brother had called a family meeting to discuss the misfortunes befalling them before his untimely demise.

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Denial and Accusations

In a charged response, Aleck vehemently denied his daughter’s claims, asserting that she feigned mental illness. He attributed Christina’s failed relationships to her stubbornness and volatile behavior. Aleck argued that a married woman should be submissive and respectful, qualities he believed his daughter lacked. He also dismissed the accusations of marrying his daughters off to goblins.


Headman Chigodora ordered the family to seek the counsel of three traditional healers to address the matter at hand. The court proceedings were adjourned to the following day, with hopes that a resolution can be reached for Christina’s well-being and the family’s harmony.