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Gokwe Man In Incestuous Affair with Step-Mother

Gokwe Man In Incestuous Affair with Step-Mother

Killen Majaji, a man from Gokwe is being accused of commiting an abomination by engaging in an incestuous affair with his step-mother.

Forbidden Love Unveiled

Majaji, a resident of Majaji Village, and Plackie Duma, his late father’s second wife, stunned their family and fellow villagers when they embarked on a romantic relationship with each other. The shocking truth came to light when Majaji’s unidentified wife, angered by her husband’s neglect, exposed the illicit affair.

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Confrontation and False Accusations

Majaji’s wife, disapproving of the relationship, confronted Duma, leading to a heated argument. In an attempt to retaliate, Duma filed a false assault report against Majaji’s wife, resulting in her arrest. However, subsequent investigations by the police revealed that Duma had fabricated the allegations.

Traditional Court Intervenes

The scandalous affair caught the attention of Chief Nemangwe, who considered it an offense against cultural norms. The chief confirmed the incident and summoned both Majaji and Duma to appear before his traditional court to face charges of incest.

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Chief Nemangwe’s Statement

Chief Nemangwe expressed his disapproval of the forbidden relationship, emphasizing the cultural taboo of sleeping with one’s father’s wife. He stated that such behavior is not acceptable within their community and must be addressed accordingly. “I heard about the issue and I have summoned the two-Killen Majaji and Plackie Duma to appear before my court,” stated Chief.

Past Incidents

This shocking incident is not the first of its kind in Gokwe. In 2015, another man from the region, identified as Goliath Mapolisa, was caught red-handed engaging in a sexual relationship with his own 77-year-old mother. Speculation arose that he may have been involved in such activities for ritualistic purposes to enhance his business endeavors.


The scandalous affair between Killen Majaji and Plackie Duma has sent shockwaves through the community, challenging traditional cultural norms.