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Teenage Clash Ends in Bloodshed as 16-Year-Old Murders 19-Year-Old

Teenage Clash Ends in Bloodshed as 16-Year-Old Murders 19-Year-Old

A 16-year-old teen from Ruwa allegedly murders another 19-year-old teen following a heated dispute over an undisclosed matter.

Investigations Underway

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the police spokesperson, confirmed the incident and stated that investigations were currently in progress.

“Police in Ruwa have are investigating a case of murder which occurred at a house in Solomio Park, Ruwa,” stated Commissioner Nyathi.

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Fatal Altercation in Ruwa

According to Commissioner Nyathi, the murder occurred at a residence in Solomio Park, Ruwa. The 16-year-old male juvenile reportedly used a kitchen knife to stab Theionvus Mhungira (19) in the neck during the altercation.

“A male juvenile (16) stabbed Theionvus Mhungira (19) with a kitchen knife on the neck after a misunderstanding over an undisclosed issue,” stated Commissioner. 

Arrest Made in Gokwe Murder Case

In a separate tragic incident in Gokwe, a 63-year-old woman named Mavis Murungwa was apprehended in connection with the murder of her husband, Tinaye Goka (63).

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Domestic Dispute Turns Deadly

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi revealed that Murungwa and her 16-year-old granddaughter allegedly took turns assaulting Goka. They used a log and cooking stick to assault him, inflicting severe injuries all over his body. The attack followed a domestic dispute.

Destruction and Tragic Outcome

The police spokesperson explained that Goka had reportedly destroyed kitchen utensils and a goat pen that had been constructed by Murungwa. His lifeless body was discovered near a borehole.

“Goka had destroyed kitchen utensils and a goat pen built by Murungwa, he was found dead near a borehole,” stated Nyathi.

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The escalating cases of fatal domestic violence, exemplified by a recent iBulawayo report of a Marondera man murdering his partner and fleeing, emphasize the dire outcomes of unresolved conflicts. They underscore the crucial significance of pursuing peaceful resolutions within families and communities.