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Panganai Java has gone too far, it’s not about music anymore

Panganai Java has gone too far, it’s not about music anymore

Opinion By Marshall Shonhai

The simple-minded would want to make us feel bad by calling us toxic or cancel culture purveyors.

Cancel culture refers to the practice of withdrawing support for public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered offensive.

The ignorant would want to make you believe it’s just about music. They say “it’s good for music. Everyone should be allowed space to do as they please.”

I laugh.

I shriek with laughter so hard I end up crying because I am shocked and disappointed at how simple-minded we can get at times.

ZimDancehall superstar Winky D had since announced he was dropping his project and his fans were simply waiting on that minding our own hokoso in the words of the late great Soul Jah Love.

Then one Panganai who thinks he is smarter and wiser than all decides it is also a good day to drop a surprise video for his artist Roki.

Since when do surprises get announced? Anyway I digress.

On any normal day that act by Panganai would have not bothered many. But then it is not just about music anymore is it?

What does Panganai represent? What does he stand for? What is his agenda? Who is his master?

Those who are screaming cancel culture! Are either ignorant or have the same agenda with Panganai, they are simply Zanu PF sympathizers, enablers, supporters or beneficiaries.

Panganai Java has been itching to pick a fight with Winky D that is why he shamelessly calls himself “Gaffa.”
Who doesn’t know that Panganai is campaigning for Zanu PF? Nothing wrong with that by the way, lest you start stoning me.

It is his constitutional right.

On the other hand, we have Winky D who for some reason is seen by the ruling party as an “opposition” musician.
How people arrived at that is debatable and it is really not the subject of this discussion.

This is the issue. The moment Panganai announced a Roki video on the same day Winky D had said he is dropping something, it became political. It became Zanu PF against the people.

It is no coincidence. The move to release Roki’s “surprise” video is a well calculated move and those that are trying to shut us up must know that we will respond politically too and we will defend Winky D’s song at all costs!

Panganai supports and does the bidding for a political party that has made life unbearable for ordinary people of this nation (yet another story we do not need to get into today) and Winky D is the poor people’s devotee.

That is it really. If you do not get this then I do not know how else we should help you.

It is no longer about Winky D’s song/album/movie, whatever it is he is releasing today at 10am, it is no longer about it being good or bad, a hit or not.

No, it is now a rallying point for us ordinary people to stand up against the machinations of charlatans and culture vultures like Panganai.

We do not have a problem with Roki, we have a problem with Panganai and we have a problem with Zanu PF!

As for Roki, well, he made his bed, he has to lie in it.

Everything else does not matter today, we are blue ticking it all. Please do not die today because we will blue tick that too and come back after we are #HappyAgain

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