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Harare Notorious Gang Arrested for US$30K Car Engines Theft

Harare Notorious Gang Arrested for US$30K Car Engines Theft

A gang of four men from Harare who stole 26 car engines valued at a staggering US$30K have been arrested and charged with the theft.

Legal Proceedings Commence

The accused individuals, Sesedza Makoni (29), Zadok Mangwende (20), Abedinigo Mangwende (24), and Lovemore Matimba (19), appeared before Harare magistrate Apolonia Marutya. Currently, they have been remanded in custody pending a bail application scheduled for today.

Salesperson’s Keys Unlock the Door to Theft

Sesedza Makoni, who was employed as a salesperson at the complainant’s warehouse, held the keys to the facility, granting him unrestricted access at any given time. Exploiting this advantage, Makoni and his accomplices are alleged to have stolen the car engines from the warehouse during July. They loaded the stolen goods onto hired trucks and transported them to Kaguvi Street for sale. Subsequently, the ill-gotten profits were divided among the perpetrators.

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Missing Engines Unveiled, Perpetrators Apprehended

The complainant, acting on a tip-off, conducted a thorough stock take, leading to the shocking revelation of the stolen car engines. Promptly after discovering the absence of the engines, the authorities were alerted. On Tuesday, the police apprehended all four suspects, marking a significant breakthrough in the investigation. Unfortunately, no recovered items were found.

Armed Robbers Target Family, Feed Dogs Poisoned Sausages

In a separate alarming incident, a family in Bulawayo fell victim to the terror of four armed robbers. The assailants, reportedly carrying a pistol, crowbar, knife, and iron rod, employed a cunning strategy to gain entry into the home. They fed the family dogs sausages laced with poison, incapacitating them, before scaling a pre-cast wall and smashing a bedroom window.

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Family Attacked as Robbers Demand Money

The robbers stormed into Future Ndebele’s bedroom while he and his family were asleep. Ndebele was awake when the criminals entered his room, subjecting him to physical assault, including slapping and kicking. The perpetrators then proceeded to ransack the bedroom, seizing valuable items such as a laptop, R7,000, US$500, and two cases of Castle Lite beer. After the robbery, the armed robbers made their escape.


Robbery cases surge, highlighted by iBulawayo’s report on a four-man gang targeting a Bulawayo businesswoman. It’s crucial for individuals to bolster home security when storing savings.