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Bulawayo Man’s Wife Earns ‘Drinker-in-Chief’ Title, Neglecting Wifely Duties

Bulawayo Man’s Wife Earns ‘Drinker-in-Chief’ Title, Neglecting Wifely Duties

Bulawayo man’s wife, Twala Phiri, earns herself ‘Drinker-in-Chief’ title, after Joel Phiri finds himself disheartened as she now surpasses him in alcohol consumption, leading to neglecting her wifely duties.

A Love That Turned Sour

Joel Phiri, deeply saddened, shares his grievances about his wife’s excessive drinking habits, confessing that he introduced her to alcohol but now feels overwhelmed by her consumption. He discloses that he used to share drinks with her, but ceased the practice when she started consuming the majority of the alcohol alone.

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A Marriage in Disarray

According to Phiri, Twala has begun frequenting taverns and other bars, spending most of her days there and returning home late at night. Consequently, she neglects her duties as a wife, no longer cooking meals, washing clothes, or engaging in intimate moments with him. Joel’s frustration is compounded by the judgmental stares of neighbors, with one even mocking him for being the “wife” in the relationship.

Drinker-in-Chief’s Perspective

Dubbed the “drinker-in-chief,” Twala unabashedly declares her love for alcohol and asserts that she is always in good company during her drinking escapades. Dismissing Joel’s concerns for her safety, she claims to have male friends who safeguard her well-being.

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Twala’s Assertiveness

Twala confidently reveals that they reside in her father’s house, implying that she holds more power in the relationship. She boasts of being the provider for Joel, emphasizing that he has nowhere else to seek shelter except with her.

“We might be fighting now but Joe won’t leave me,” said Twala, smiling. “We live in my father’s house, literally I am taking care of him and he has nowhere else to get shelter except with me.


Twala concludes by explaining that her exhaustion upon returning from the bar hampers her ability to engage intimately with Joel.