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Atlantic Academy Students Shalom Zingwe and Kudzaishe Mhaka Excel in O Level Exams

Atlantic Academy Students Shalom Zingwe and Kudzaishe Mhaka Excel in O Level Exams

Shalom Zingwe and Kudzaishe Mhaka, both students from Atlantic Academy in Harare, have passed Cambridge O Level exams with blueming colours.

Outstanding Achievements at a Young Age

Shalom Zingwe, a Form One student, took the Cambridge O Level exams at the age of 14 and achieved remarkable success. She obtained three A grades in Computer Science, Accounting, and Economics, along with Bs in Mathematics, Geography, and Business Studies.

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Early Advancement to Lower Sixth Form

Impressed by Shalom’s exceptional performance, school director Patience Mufokozana confirmed that Shalom would be advancing to Lower Sixth Form. “We agreed that she should proceed to Lower Sixth Form because she passed very well. Normally, learners take these exams aged 16 or 17 and it’s quite remarkable that she achieved this at only 14,” stated Mufokozana.

Another Star Student Emerges

Joining the ranks of exceptional achievers is Kudzaishe Mhaka, also from Atlantic Academy. At the age of 15, Kudzaishe took the Cambridge O Level exams and obtained seven A grades in Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, and Geography.

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Atlantic Academy Impressive Overall Pass Rate

Atlantic Academy celebrated an impressive 95 percent pass rate, reflecting the dedication and commitment of both students and educators in ensuring academic excellence.

Time-Sensitive Resolution of O-Level Results Queries

In another story, following the release of O-Level results by the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC), candidates have been reminded of the limited 42-day window to address any concerns or discrepancies in their results.

Urgency to Act Swiftly

ZIMSEC emphasized the need for candidates to act swiftly during this critical 42-day period to resolve any issues related to their results. The council stressed that results queries would only be accepted within this specified timeframe.

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Decoding Result Symbols and Resolution Process

ZIMSEC shared vital details about result symbols like “M” and “X.” If candidates see the “M” symbol, which means missing CALA marks, they should quickly contact their school to submit a results query to ZIMSEC.

Regarding the “X” symbol, indicating an absence or missing CALA mark in a subject component, ZIMSEC explained that schools need to submit a results query with the missing information.