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Seh Calaz’s Fans Heartbroken as Ambassadorial Partnership with Kambucha Ends in Betrayal

Seh Calaz’s Fans Heartbroken as Ambassadorial Partnership with Kambucha Ends in Betrayal

Seh Calaz’s loyal fans have been left devastated and feeling betrayed after his ambassadorial partnership with Kambucha Zimbabwe Ltd abruptly came to an end.

The deal, which concluded on December 20 last year, was kept under wraps by the artist for professional reasons.

Acknowledging the Conclusion of the Deal

Yesterday Seh Calaz expressed his gratitude to Kambucha for the opportunity they had granted him to serve as their ambassador. He disclosed that their ambassadorial agreement with Kambucha had officially expired on December 20. The company cited the challenging economic climate as the reason behind their decision not to renew the deal.

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Public Disclosure and New Ambassador

While initially respecting the company’s request to refrain from making the announcement, Seh Calaz’s management felt compelled to inform the public of this development after Kambucha Zimbabwe unveiled their new brand ambassador, Baba Harare. The artist’s team extended their best wishes to the new ambassador in their official statement.

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Fans’ Outrage and Lingering Questions

Seh Calaz’s fans have been left furious and disillusioned, believing that the musician was taken advantage of and subsequently discarded by Kambucha. When the prominent Zimdancehall star entered into the agreement, he was reportedly provided with a brand new Toyota GD6, which he prominently showcased throughout the majority of last year. However, it remains unclear whether the vehicle was solely his possession or a courtesy car provided by the company.

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Netizens Reaction

Owen Baradze:

seh calaz was a good brand ambassador

Painkiller Alligators Robertmunatsi:

Kambucha makai pusha Boss Yala tese tese takatomboiraira through your name 💥💥💯

Ngoma Ndaimba:

Makaita basa chinhu takachinwa ichi thrū your name

Camila Mundizwi:

Vakasimudzwa naye Seh Calaz uyuu dei asiye vamwe tingadai tisingatoziye kut kune Kambucha

Macdee Simz:

Hatichade kambucha chacho

Simba Mukute:

Bhati they should have been frank, kwete kunyebera economic environment. All things come to an end, its common, ende zvezvakanaka kubudirana pachena.
Never tested kambucha yacho. Wont!

Alfie Moreblessing:

Hauna recipe yacho tigadzire yedu nekuside toitengesa

Innocent SuperInno Chinhoswa:

Takangochimwa nekuda kwenyu chinhu chiya yaiva pressure but it tastes padhuze dhuze nebad