You are currently viewing City Father, Baba Harare Finally Explains Why He Shattered His Guitar on Stage at Zimfest Concert
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City Father, Baba Harare Finally Explains Why He Shattered His Guitar on Stage at Zimfest Concert

City Father, Baba Harare Finally Explains Why He Shattered His Guitar on Stage at Zimfest Concert

Baba Harare has finally spoken out on why he broke his guitar on stage at the recent Zimfest Concert in the UK. According to the musician, breaking his guitar was an expression of art and self-expression. He stated that he had his own reasons for breaking the guitar that were personal to him.

“I am happy with the conversations currently happening,” stated Baba Harare. “As an artist and a lead guitarist at that, breaking my guitar was self expression. No one owns or has a patent to expressive art.”

Not the First Artist to Break a Guitar on Stage

Baba Harare also pointed out that he was not the first artist to break a guitar on stage. He cited Burna Boy and Jimmy Hendrix as examples of other musicians who had done the same thing. He stated that breaking a guitar was a form of expressive art that no one owned or had a patent to.

“Before Burna Boy did it, Jimmy Hendrix did it and there are many other artists who have done it. I had my own reasons, reasons that are personal to me,” stated Baba Harare.

The Guitar Breaking Incident

During the performance, Baba Harare entered the stage holding a guitar wrapped with a Zimbabwean national flag in his hand. In the background, his band was playing the Zimbabwean national anthem. At the end of the anthem, Baba broke the guitar by throwing it to the ground, expressing anger.

Controversy Online

The incident sparked controversy online, with some suggesting that Baba Harare’s actions were politically motivated. Others believed that he was sending a message to his fellow Zimbabweans on how he feels about the mass suffering ahead of the upcoming harmonized elections on August 23.

Fans React to Baba Harare Breaking His Guitar

Baba Harare’s fans had mixed reactions to the incident, with some praising him for the powerful message he conveyed.

Madzimai Amara vekwa Brown:

Thanks Baba Harare vashoma vaimbi vane Nyika ne vanhu pamoyo Vazhinji vakungoda homwe dzavo this is a strong massage

King Solomon Zim:

Powerful message

Brenda M Jekwa:

Our national anthem is now meaningless. Vashandi Havasi kukudzwe ruzhinji harusi kuguta . Yakakomborerwa nyika yedu but makomborero arikutorwa nevarefu Vega zvakaoma hazvo . MWARI DAI VAPINDIRA

Chenybabie Zumba:

Message loud and clear😭💔 ane nzveve dzekunzwa ngaanzwe nevanemeso ukoona ngavavone

Brenda M Jekwa:

As Zimbabweans I think we all need 1 day pa month rekumbosangana tochema nekudemonstrater anger yedu pajekerere taneta nekuchema muchiwande

Idah Taderera:

City father you are a true and strong Citizen of Zimbabwe thank you for representing us Jiti family❤️❤️…I strongly stand with you # together we Go far 💜….if you know you know….if you don’t forget about it 😀 #proudly jiti Fan ❤️❤️💝💝

Malcolm MMs:

A strong message nyika yave mamvemve