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Prophet Passion Java Sparks Outrage with Claim that His Church is a Business

Prophet Passion Java Sparks Outrage with Claim that His Church is a Business

Self-proclaimed preacher, Prophet Passion Java, has caused a stir after declaring that a church is a business. In a recent interview with Nehanda TV during a lifestyle visit to London, Java spoke openly about his source of wealth.

Wealth Source and Controversial Hairstyle

When asked about his current dreadlock hairstyle, Java dismissed it as “just an American thing.” However, the focus quickly shifted to his source of wealth. Without hesitation, Java openly declared that his church is the key to his riches. In his own words, he stated, “Church is a business, yes.”

Zimbabwean Church Practices vs. American Generosity

Java went on to address the common problem faced by many Zimbabweans prophets when it comes to church offerings and titles. He explained that in Zimbabwe, offerings are given in bond notes, while in his American church, congregants shower him with love offerings amounting to a staggering $200,000. According to Java, the issue lies in the fact that Zimbabwean churches have not embraced the generosity found in American congregations.

Denying Allegations of Exploitation

When confronted with accusations of taking advantage of desperate people, Java vehemently denied the allegations. He compared his church to a hospital, stating that he offers services and receives payment in return. Java also pointed out that the fees charged by marriage counselors far exceed the demands made by prophets in churches.

Traveling the Globe and Settling in America

Java was questioned about his extensive travels around the world. He explained that in the past, he enjoyed his youth and the opportunities it brought. However, he now intends to focus on his ministerial duties within his church. Despite this, he revealed that he has visited Zimbabwe twice this year, a significant decrease compared to his previous monthly visits.

Multi-Million Dollar Investments and Global Influence

In a surprising revelation, Java disclosed his plans to purchase a $14 million building in Maryland, USA. When asked about the source of this substantial sum, he attributed it to his church. With 32 branches worldwide, including England, Brazil, Bahamas, India, America, and several in Africa, Java claimed that his spiritual sons, who now lead large churches, contribute to his financial success. Additionally, he mentioned advising presidents globally, which earns him substantial fortunes.

Business Ventures and Confidentiality

Java hinted at running various businesses in Zimbabwe but refrained from disclosing his partners’ names due to agreed-upon principles of confidentiality.