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New Zaoga Leader Joe Guti Under Fire Over Baba Manyeruke and Guspy Warrior Comments!

Apostle Joseph Joe Guti, the newly appointed leader of Zaoga, has come under fire for comments he made about prominent gospel artist Baba Manyeruke and his son Guspy Warrior. In a summons, Joseph is heard educating his fellow church members to be true disciples of Baba Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti. Joseph criticized the Manyeruke family’s approach to life.

Comments on Baba Manyeruke and Guspy Warrior

Joseph stated that as Zaoga members, they could not operate as the Manyeruke family does, with the father as a Gospel singer and the son as a Zimdancehall singer. Guspy Warrior gained fame after releasing a hit song ‘Ita seunononga,’ and his father is a renowned gospel artist. Although they come from the same family, they sing different genres that oppose each other.

Newly Appointed Leader

Apostle Joe Guti assumed this significant role following the passing of the revered founder of the church, Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti. His appointment was announced on Saturday, July 22, 2023.  Archbishop Eunor Guti, widow of the late Archbishop Ezekiel Guti announced Joseph’s new role in the church.

Apostle Joe Guti’s Background

Apostle Joe Guti was born in a devout Christian family rooted in ministry and is the late Ezekiel Guti’s nephew. Raised by his mother’s family, he took on their surname and was taught the church’s teachings and values from an early age, shaping his spiritual journey.

Before becoming a leader, Joe served as an Executive Director at Zimbabwe’s Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU). He also directed the Africa Multination for Christ Collage (AMFCC) Bible school. His commitment to holistic development was evident in ZEGU.

Reaction From Fans

Trymore Kingfisher Mhande:

Haana ka that thing this company is going down soon

Liberty Valentine Chokera:

Voice ra blaz ava harina ka that kehufundisi ndosaka akudomoka.

Michael Shabalala:

We don’t teach the teachings of christ but rather the teachings of forward in faith, what a controversial statement? Are we promoting denomination over the
biblical truth ? This is the results of making serious decisions using fleshly choices.

Tanatswa Dzvimbu:

Am l the only one akuona sekuti vanhu ava they’re writing they’re own bible🤔

Yolandah Mamood:

This guy and pride

Marshal Nyoni:

Life will humble him muregei