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[Image Credit: Pamelah Tamirah Facebook]

Quonfuzed Shocking Noodles Photo Scandal Sends Social Media Into Frenzy!

Quonfuzed Shocking Noodles Photo Scandal Sends Social Media Into Frenzy!

Award-winning Zim Dancehall sensation  Quonfuzed, finds himself in the midst of an alleged  scandal of noodles images purportedly of him circulate on social media. Quonfuzed, known for his dynamic performances and catchy tunes, now faces the challenge of navigating this latest controversy.

[Image Credit: Pamelah Tamirah]

Quonfuzed History of Turmoil

This is not the first time Quonfuzed has found himself entangled in a web of drama. Back in April 2014, at the engagement party of fellow artists Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa, Quonfuzed was involved in a heated altercation with fellow Zim Dancehall artist Seh Calaz. The quarrel arose over a woman named Astral Vee Vanessa, who happened to be Quonfuzed’s girlfriend at the time. Reports suggested that Vanessa had been unfaithful with Seh Calaz. It then resulted in resentment and fueled tensions between the two artists.

Quonfuzed was accused of instigating Seh Calaz’s affair with Vanessa by relentlessly pursuing information about Seh Calaz’s own girlfriend. The girlfriend was believed to be living in the United Kingdom. In a twisted turn of events, Seh Calaz retaliated by vowing to date Quonfuzed’s girlfriend as a form of payback. The tangled love triangle became the talk of the town, fueling speculations and gossip amongst fans.

Ultimately, Seh Calaz pressed charges against Quonfuzed following their altercation.  The charges were later dropped as Seh Calaz claimed to have moved on from the issue. Quonfuzed, on the other hand, took a creative approach to address the situation, releasing a thought-provoking single warning men against the perils of infidelity amidst the AIDS pandemic plaguing many African nations. Vanessa herself later apologized to Quonfuzed, attempting to make amends.

New Song Release

Despite the scandals, Quonfuzed has continued to produce music. Recently, he released a new song titled “Now and Then.” The song, produced by Ksg Di Don and Prof Lalo, is about lost friendship and has a lot of different meanings that many people can relate to.