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Davido’s Heartwarming Gesture: Donates US$10,000 to Selfless Good Samaritan

Davido’s Heartwarming Gesture: Donates US$10,000 to Selfless Good Samaritan

Nigerian Afrobeat superstar, Davido, showed his generous side by donating $10,000 to a selfless good samaritan. Davido expressed his admiration for the hotel employee on Twitter.

Returning $70,000 to a Customer: Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary’s Remarkable Act

In a remarkable display of integrity, Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, an employee at Eko Hotel and Suites, found and returned a misplaced sum of $70,000 (equivalent to over ₦55 million) to a customer. This act of honesty caught the attention of Davido, who was deeply moved by the story.

Davido’s Twitter Announcement

Expressing his admiration for Ngozi Mary’s honesty, Davido took to his Twitter handle on Sunday and tweeted, “Find her for me… I donate $10k.” This announcement not only showcased Davido’s appreciation for the hotel worker’s integrity but also highlighted his commitment to supporting acts of honesty and kindness.

Controversy Surrounding Davido’s Music Video

In a separate incident, Davido faced criticism from some Muslim fans after posting a music video featuring his new DMW signee, Logos Olori. The video depicted scenes resembling a mosque, where individuals in white Jalabiya engaged in dancing and recited Quranic verses after observing Sallah prayers.

Muslim Influencers Express Disapproval: Respect for Religious Sensitivities

Prominent Muslim influencers, including Bashir Ahmad, voiced their concerns about the video’s potential offensiveness. Ahmad explained in a series of tweets that the content was seen as disrespectful, hurtful, and offensive to Muslims. He emphasized that Salah (prayer) is a sacred act and should not be mixed with humor or entertainment.

Calls for Deletion

Following the controversy, Arewa Twitter called on Davido to delete the video, expressing disappointment and urging others to report the post. Prince Adekunle also shared a list of activities typically conducted in a mosque, emphasizing the need for respect and understanding.

Davido’s Philanthropic Spirit Shines Through

Despite the criticism, Davido’s generous donation to Ngozi Mary demonstrates his commitment to making a positive impact. His act of kindness not only rewards honesty but also inspires others to uphold integrity in their daily lives.