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Witness Dube quits MDC, joins Zanu PF

Witness Dube quits MDC, joins Zanu PF

HARARE – MDC the national secretary for Information and Publicity, Witness Dube, has resigned from the party after being a member since its inception in 1999.

In a letter addressed to MDC President Senator Douglas Mwonzora, Dube expressed his gratitude for the experiences gained during his time in the party and explained that he had found a new political home where he plans to serve with dedication.

This departure follows another notable exit, with Edmore Gomba, a Democratic Opposition Party (DOP) candidate, withdrawing his candidacy and pledging support for the ruling party’s candidate in the upcoming August 23 elections.

Dube attended President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s star rally at Centenary Sports Club in Muzarabani district, Mashonaland Central on Saturday.

He was called to the podium and flaunted as Zanu PF’s latest big catch from the opposition. Dube explained his decision to leave MDC-T, citing the collapse of its organs and a shift away from the party’s original vision. He criticized the Mwonzora leadership for becoming focused on personal gain and political funding instead of serving the people.

Dube also expressed disappointment in both Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora, accusing them of tearing the party apart since their rivalry for the SG position in 2014.

He said he ultimately found solace in Zanu PF, describing it as the only party genuinely committed to the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe.