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Sangoma Behind Tapiwa Makore’s Death Exposed by Prophet Tinashe Michael Sello’s Prophecy

Sangoma Behind Tapiwa Makore’s Death Exposed by Prophet Tinashe Michael Sello’s Prophecy

Prophet Tinashe Michael Sello exposes shocking details of the Sangoma behind Tapiwa Makore’s death. Sello, known for his controversial world cup prediction that never materialized, is making waves on social media again. This time, his prophecy about Tapiwa Makore’s body being taken to Mozambique has come true. Tapiwa Makore Sr, the victim’s uncle, has confessed to the exact details foretold by Sello in 2020.

Sangoma’s Details

Prophet Sello revealed that he had a vision of Tapiwa’s relatives traveling to Mozambique to consult a female sangoma named Adelaide Jim. Jim is known for performing money rituals and operates in the Samora Micheal neighborhood in the Tete province.

A Brutal Murder and Widespread Outrage

Tapiwa Makore, a seven-year-old boy from Murehwa, Zimbabwe, fell victim to a horrific ritual murder in September 2020. His body was discovered mutilated and dismembered, causing shock and grief throughout the nation.

Justice Served

After a lengthy trial, Tapiwa Makore Sr and Tafadzwa Shamba were sentenced to death by Justice Munamato Mutevedzi of the High Court on July 12. The court found them guilty of the savage murder, which was allegedly committed to boost a cabbage business.

A Headless Body and a Desperate Search

Tapiwa Makore’s body was found without a head, making the search for it even more urgent. Unfortunately, it took seven months before the body could be laid to rest in April 2021, as all efforts to locate it had been in vain.

Chilling Details Revealed

In a shocking revelation, Gaylord Shamba, Tafadzwa’s uncle, disclosed that Tapiwa’s head had been taken to Mozambique for the ritual. Gaylord explained that the head had been cooked to eliminate any decomposing odor, reported iHarare. During a visit to Tafadzwa in his cell, Gaylord learned the gruesome truth:

“He confessed that he killed Tapiwa after slicing him into pieces and stashing the body parts, including the head, in plastic bags, as instructed. He admitted that others were involved, including Tapiwa Senior, who took the cooked head to Mozambique.”

Failed Ritual Attempt

To avoid suspicion during their journey to Mozambique, Tapiwa Makore Sr and Tafadzwa Shamba also cooked the head. However, Gaylord revealed that the sangoma rejected the head, as she required a fresh and uncooked head, similar to that of a chicken. It is unclear whether the head was discarded on the Mozambican or Zimbabwean side of the border.


The shocking confession by Tapiwa Makore Sr aligns perfectly with the prophecy made by Prophet Tinashe Michael Sello.