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Holy Ten Throws Michael Magz Under the Bus in Feud with Nutty O Over Record Labels!

Holy Ten Throws Michael Magz Under the Bus in Feud with Nutty O Over Record Labels!

Zimbabwean rapper Holy Ten has thrown his fellow friend Michael Magz under the bus. Holy Ten clarified that it was not him who had a beef with Nutty O, but rather Michael Magz himself.

Holy Ten expressed his respect for Nutty O. He clarified that he does not want to be involved in the record labels debate.

Nutty O’s Controversial Views on Record Labels

In an exclusive interview on “The Dennyj Show,” Nutty O, the talented Zimbabwean artist, shared his unconventional views on record labels. He boldly stated that artists who sign with record labels often lose their creative freedom and become dependent on others to make decisions for them. According to Nutty O, true success in the music industry can be achieved by independent artists who pave their own path.

Holy Ten Disagrees with Nutty O’s Perspective

Previously, Holy Ten, the proud owner of Samanyangasounds record label, strongly disagreed with Nutty O’s viewpoint. He firmly believes that record labels, like his own, play a crucial role in helping artists achieve their dreams. Holy Ten emphasized that Samanyangasounds provides artists with the necessary support and guidance to thrive in their careers. He also expressed his disappointment in Nutty O’s lack of respect for the hard work and dedication of Zimbabwean artists.

Holy Ten’s Record Label

Holy Ten’s record label, Samanyangasounds, has been making waves in the music industry. With the recent signings of Xiba, Michael Magz, and Mr Candy, the label is gaining recognition for its commitment to nurturing talent. Holy Ten himself takes an active role in the label, personally managing the artists and even writing their songs.

Holy Ten and Michael Magz Respond to Nutty O’s Statement

In response to Nutty O’s controversial comments, Holy Ten and Michael Magz wasted no time in expressing their frustration. Both artists took to their Instagram accounts to voice their discontent and question the basis of Nutty O’s statement. Michael Magz went a step further, labeling Nutty O as a misguided individual.

In conclusion, the Zimbabwean music industry is no stranger to drama and controversy. Holy Ten’s revelation about Michael Magz’s beef with Nutty O has sparked a heated debate about the role of record labels in artists’ success.