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Prophet Passion Java Stuns Followers with an Unsettling Question

Vangani Vanoda Kuti Ndife: Prophet Passion Java Stuns Followers with an Unsettling Question

Self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java has stirred up a storm on Facebook with an unsettling question, ‘Vangani Vanoda kuti Ndife’, to his followers. This unusual post was prompted by a chilling prophecies made by Prophet Orasi and Pastor Ian Ndlovu.

Passion Java’s Post

The Influential Prophecies

Pastor Ndlovu and Prophet Obey Tichafa Mukanhiri have sounded warnings about a young minister in blasphemy. Prophet Orasi’s prophecy of Passion Java’s death has deepened concerns.

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In a recent congregation gathering, Pastor Ndlovu addressed the dire situation, captivating audiences with urgent calls for prayer and caution in the face of impending divine consequences.

The Troubled Path Ahead

Pastor Ian Ndlovu and Passion Java

Dr. Ndlovu revealed that the young minister would undergo drug-induced psychosis and retreat from public view. Without repentance and change, God would intervene, ultimately destroying him. Ndlovu stressed angelic surveillance over the minister’s actions.

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A Calling to Inherit

Dr. Ndlovu revealed further details about the young minister, explaining that contrary to public perception, he was ordained by God with a genuine calling. The young man was destined to carry on the legacy of the recently departed Apostle Ezekiel Guti, establishing churches far and wide.

Unveiling the Prophetic Truth

“The young man I’m talking about was supposed to inherit the mantle of the departed Apostle,” Dr. Ian Ndlovu disclosed. He continued, stating that the young man’s purpose was to found churches and spread the teachings of the faith. Despite being commonly referred to as a prophet, his true calling was that of an Apostle.

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Controversy and Speculation

Prophet Java’s question to his followers about his own potential demise has sparked intense speculation and debate within his online community. Many are eagerly anticipating how events will unfold, while others question the validity and motivations behind the prophecies themselves.