You are currently viewing Passion Java Hacks Tinashe Mutarisi’s Instagram Account
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Passion Java Hacks Tinashe Mutarisi’s Instagram Account

Passion Java Hacks Tinashe Mutarisi’s Instagram Account

Passion Java hacks Tinashe Mutarisi’s Instagram account after issuing him a warning earlier to  back down before facing a humiliating fate.

Accusations of Diamond Looting


In a video earlier, Passion accused Mutarisi of being involved in the looting of Chiyadzwa diamonds. The accusation sent shockwaves through their respective followers and attracted widespread attention.

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Factory Fire Allegations

Earlier, Passion had levelled another accusation against Mutarisi, claiming that the CEO purposefully set fire to his own factory to collect insurance money.  “U paid insurance boys to cook papers and pay you but vakatariswa vese,” stated Twabam.

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Insults and Exposé

Nash Paints Boss

Not content with his previous accusations, Twabam took to Facebook to insult Nash Paints Boss, comparing his emotional state to that of a woman going through her menstrual cycle. “Mutarisi too emotional kunge mukadzi ariku mwedzi,” stated Twabam.

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As the intense drama continues to unfold between Passion Java and Tinashe Mutarisi, the eyes of the public eagerly await the Nash Paints boss’s response. Will he address the shocking allegations of Chiyadzwa Diamonds looting and the audacious Instagram hack?

Netizens Reactions

Prinkoe ʚíɞ:

Java programming

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Kenny Mandebvu zw:

Hanzi kusvika aziva kuti ndiMutarisi kwete Mutaurisi 💔💔 But Java kaa izvezvi uchakanzwa kakuti ndamuti Kopoo

Madalitso Kalasawo:

saka Stewart Nyamayaro is always on standby for Java ku deleter ma accounts evanhu ?

Lorna Mwanenga Mabika:

Java will humble you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chamunorwa Alberto Malunguissa:

Java 2-1 Mutarisi

Nnana Nnana:

Java is at it again