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Chamisa’s Death Prophesy by Passion Java

‘Through you, My People Have Suffered’: Chamisa’s Death Prophesy by Passion Java

Self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java, known for his support of President ED Mnangagwa, has made Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s death prophesy. In a social media post, Java claimed to have seen the death of Chamisa during a prayer session and urged the nation to pray for him.

Chamisa’s Fate Foretold

According to Java’s account, while deeply engaged in prayer at his residence, he allegedly had a visionary experience. He described seeing a figure clothed in linen, radiating a majestic presence. This being revealed a glimpse of time, showing Java a ram pushing westward, potentially causing turmoil in the south. As Java continued to observe, the ram transformed into the face of Nelson Chamisa.

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A dramatic twist occurred when an unnamed “he goat” emerged from the west, symbolically toppling Chamisa with a mighty horn, resulting in his downfall. Java stated he heard a voice declaring Chamisa’s numbered days, linking people’s suffering to his leadership.

Chamisa’s Death Prophecy by Passion Java

Controversy and Government Involvement Suspicions

Java’s prophecy has not gone unnoticed, especially considering his close association with President Mnangagwa. Recently, Java had even released skit videos mocking Chamisa, further fueling speculation and raising concerns among netizens.

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In response to Java’s post, many social media users questioned whether there could be a government-backed assassination plot against Chamisa, given Java’s proximity to the president and alleged access to internal information.

Calls for Prayers and Interpretation

Java’s prophecy has ignited a mixed reaction among Zimbabweans, with some taking it seriously and calling for collective prayers for Chamisa’s well-being. Others remain skeptical, questioning the credibility of Java’s claims and urging caution in interpreting such visions.

Netizens Reaction

Wesley Porhamba:

Makuda kumutaimira kaaa

Russell Magarah:

Ingomuurayai sekuronga kwenyu pasina zve prophecy yenhema

Tatenda Maja:

Vakuda kudzifambira

Mai Anneh:

Mukuda kumuuraya ka

Portia Mandlovu:

Ndimi muda kutouraya

Ropearl Chipamuriwo:

Mafunga kumuuraya kaa sezvamakaita tsvagirai

Taonaishe Thomas:

Mukuda kumuuraya kaaa

Allen Masiiwa Masiiwa:

Makuda kumuuraya ka..

Walter Muchirahondo:

We pray for life 🙏