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Death Prophecy: Prophet Orasi Predicts Passion Java’s Death

Death Prophecy: Prophet Orasi Predicts Passion Java’s Death

Obey Tichafa Mukanhiri, popularly known as Prophet Orasi, has made a chilling prophecy, predicting Prophet Passion Java’s death. Orasi, whose post has since been deleted, urged his followers to pray for Java, claiming to have witnessed angels of death encircling him.

A Call for Prayer and Impending Danger

Orasi’s now-deleted post expressed concern for Passion Java’s safety and called for his supporters to intercede through prayer.  He explicitly stated, “Pray for Passion Java. I saw angels of death circling around him.” According to Orasi, without the power of prayer, Java’s fate could be sealed before long.

Now Deleted Post By Orasi

Java’s Controversial Prophecy

Interestingly, this prophecy comes shortly after Passion Java himself made headlines with his own prediction of the death of CCC opposition leader Nelson Chamisa. Java described a visionary experience that occurred during an intense prayer session at his residence.

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A Prophetic Vision Unveiled

According to Java’s account, he encountered a figure adorned in majestic linen, radiating a powerful presence. This divine being provided Java with a glimpse into the future, unveiling a vision of a ram pushing westward, potentially inciting turmoil in the southern region. Fascinatingly, the ram transformed into the visage of Nelson Chamisa.

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The Fall of Chamisa

In a dramatic twist, an unidentified “he goat” emerged from the west, symbolically toppling Chamisa with its formidable horn, signifying his downfall. Java claimed to have heard a voice proclaiming the limited time Chamisa had left, linking the people’s suffering to his leadership.

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Controversy and Speculation Surrounding Java

Prophet Java’s prophecy has not escaped public attention, particularly due to his close association with President Mnangagwa. In fact, Java recently released comedic skit videos that mocked Chamisa, intensifying speculation and fueling concerns among netizens.

Reaction From Netizens

Slyceman Promise Zhou:

Kuda kwenyu ngakuitwe mwari

Martha Rabvu:

Java torai zvenyu mwari kana Satan anetavo naye

Timothy Tinashe Karuma:

Praying for the Angel to quickly find him.

Annah Tungwarara:

Torai henyu Passion guava mudzose henyu Mohbad

Darlington Mazorodze:

Uyu torai zvenyu mudzose Ginimbi Amen 🙏

Tah Tendah Wekwa Bikera:

What Are the 😇 Angels using for transportation tidziitire iri jet dziite fast