You are currently viewing WATCH: Baba VaTencen Roasts CCC Party Over 2023 Election Loss
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WATCH: Baba VaTencen Roasts CCC Party Over 2023 Election Loss

WATCH: Baba VaTencen Roasts CCC Party Over 2023 Election Loss

The ‘Kuripwa Kugara’ maker socialite Baba VaTencen, openly roasts the CCC party for their loss in the 2023 harmonized election. He congratulated President ED Mnangagwa on his election victory while raising concerns about the opposition’s ability to govern effectively.

Ba Tencen Questions the Opposition’s Strategy to Rule

Baba VaTencen criticized the opposition party’s strategies for achieving victory in elections. He suggested that they were not qualified to rule Zimbabwe. He boldly questioned how many times the opposition believed they had been cheated in elections. Kuripwa kugara maker implied that CCC only considered elections legitimate when it suits their narrative.

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“Kangani muchirigiwa. Are you strong enough, you’re not strong enough. You don’t qualify to rule Zimbabwe,” stated Ba VaTencen.

Furthermore, he dismissed the opposition’s reliance on assistance from organizations like the AU and SADC. He asserted that these entities would not intervene, as President Mnangagwa was set to govern for the next five years.

Accusations of Laziness and Blackmail

Baba VaTencen

Baba VaTencen went on to claim that CCC supporters were suffering due to their own laziness, contrasting this with the contentment of hardworking individuals in the country. Kuripwa kugara maker, accused the opposition of blackmailing their supporters and being sellouts. He suggested that their demands for better living conditions were merely attempts to exploit their followers.

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Netizens React with Criticism

Following the release of the video, netizens responded with criticism, accusing him of seeking sponsorship from ZANU PF.


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