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CCC President Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa quits CCC, alleges Zanu PF infiltration and manipulation of opposition

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa resigned from the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) on Thursday, accusing the Zanu PF of rigging the 2023 elections and creating an impostor within the opposition.

Chamisa said he was leaving the CCC, which he helped form in 2022, because it had been hijacked by the ruling party and no longer represented the people’s aspirations.

Chamisa, who came second in the 2023 presidential race, has refused to accept the outcome, alleging widespread irregularities, intimidation, and violence.

Chamisa said in a statement that he faced numerous challenges during the run-up to the elections, including the ruling party and the electoral commission’s refusal to reform, disputes over nomination fees, candidate disqualifications, and a contentious delimitation report.

He said the government had tried to consolidate authoritarianism by disqualifying CCC candidates, harassing opposition supporters, and manipulating election results. He cited the reports from international observers, including SADC, AU, Commonwealth, and the EU, which condemned the election as almost a non-event and declared its outcome illegitimate.

Chamisa said Zanu PF had continued to undermine the opposition after the elections, using illegal methods and criminal strategies to destroy the genuine alternative. He accused the administration of infiltrating the opposition and orchestrating engineered recalls, leading to five by-elections draining national resources.

“I am disappointed with the current state of the CCC. It has been contaminated and hijacked by Zanu PF. It no longer represents the original vision and mission of the people’s movement,” Chamisa said.

He called on the public to rally behind fresh and credible leaders, who would be honest and accountable. He said he was officially separating from the CCC and would have nothing to do with the organization.

Despite stepping down, Chamisa reiterated his commitment to public service, freedom advocacy, and leadership in Zimbabwe. He called for unity among citizens for total freedom, true change, and holistic transformation, promising to keep the public informed about future steps.