You are currently viewing Woman Found Guilty of Lesser Charge in High-Stakes Homicide Case

Woman Found Guilty of Lesser Charge in High-Stakes Homicide Case

Sensational Court Verdict: Woman Found Guilty of Lesser Charge in High-Stakes Homicide Case

Precious Machivenyika was found guilty of the lesser charge of culpable homicide case by High Court judge, Justice Munamato Mutevedzi.

The court ruled that the stabbing occurred in the midst of a heated argument.

A Shocking Discovery of Infidelity,  Confrontation and Tragic Turn

The State revealed that Chikonje was caught engaging in sexual relations with Fungai Nyamurenje on June 24, 2023, at Iron Mask Farm in Mazowe. Upon learning of her husband’s betrayal, Machivenyika confronted him, and he did not deny the affair. Overwhelmed by emotions, she attempted suicide by ingesting paraquat.

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Intentions and Unfortunate Consequences

In a desperate state, Machivenyika armed herself with an okapi knife, intending to end her own life. However, a struggle ensued between her and Chikonje, resulting in her stabbing him once in the thigh. Chikonje suffered profuse bleeding and eventually collapsed. He was rushed to Concession Hospital but tragically succumbed to hemorrhagic shock caused by the stab wound.

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The Defendant’s Defense and Court Ruling

During the trial, Machivenyika maintained that she had no intention of killing her husband and only sought to free herself from his grip so she could complete her suicide attempt.

Justice Mutevedzi acknowledged the volatile circumstances and ruled, “The accused wanted to commit suicide while the deceased was bent on preventing her from doing so. That she directed the stab at the deceased’s leg…illustrates her sincerity in that she did not intend to kill him.”

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While the court recognized the loss of life, the lenient ruling took into account the unique circumstances surrounding the incident.