You are currently viewing Marange Teenager Murdered by Gang of 11 Assailants For Itel Phone Theft

Marange Teenager Murdered by Gang of 11 Assailants For Itel Phone Theft

Marange Teenager Murdered by Gang of 11 Assailants For Itel Phone Theft

An 18-year-old teenager from Marange fell victim to a brutal murder at the hands of a gang of 11 assailants for stealing an Itel phone.

Accusations and Assault

According to Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, one of the accused individuals, Tawanda Mafa, believed that the now-deceased Morgan Manyere had stolen his Itel A56 phone. Driven by suspicion and anger, Mafa joined forces with 10 others and forcefully took Manyere to a nearby bush, where they subjected him to a merciless assault involving a wooden block.

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Demands and Admission

The gang, consisting of 11 men, then took Manyere to an illegal mineshaft while continuing their violent attack. Their primary objective was to extract a confession and recover Mafa’s missing cellphone. After subjecting Manyere to a thorough beating, he allegedly admitted to stealing the cellphone and claimed to have discarded it down the mineshaft.

Tragic Fate and Discovery

The situation quickly escalated as the gang tied Manyere’s hands and callously pushed him into the mineshaft. Later on, they retrieved him from the depths, leaving him unconscious on the ground.

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Upon receiving information about Manyere’s severe assault, his uncle, Obvious Njanji, organized a search party. Their grim discovery revealed Manyere’s lifeless body lying motionless. Assistant Inspector Chinyoka shared the details, stating that Manyere’s relatives promptly reported the incident to the police.

Condemnation and Manhunt

Expressing strong disapproval of vigilante justice, Assistant Inspector Chinyoka urged the public to refrain from taking matters into their own hands. He emphasized that violence is not condoned and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. Taking another person’s life, regardless of the circumstances, is deemed completely unacceptable. The police have initiated a manhunt to apprehend the 11 individuals responsible for this heinous crime.