Mnangagwa tears into Chamisa’s maturity levels

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has insinuated that MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is ‘immature and has questionable leadership qualities’.

Mnangagwa has for long avoided to attack the person of Chamisa but in his address to members of the diplomatic corps at State House on St Valentines Day , he made remarks that made apparent reference to the youthful MDC Alliance leader.

“On the 6th February 2019 I invited the leaders of all political parties and former Presidential aspirants in the 2018 presidential elections to an unconditional dialogue aimed at narrowing our political differences and drawing a common socio-economic future and political path for our country.

“All the Presidential candidates who have the maturity and sense of leadership joined us. I call on those who refuse to take part in the national dialogue to stop grandstanding and playing games with the lives of people of Zimbabwe.,” he said.

He urged citizens to be united and work together towards a better nation.

“Let us join together and work for a prosperous and united Zimbabwe.

Continuous dialogue within our nation in an exercise I am determined, as President, to see through. What unites the people of Zimbabwe is more than what could ever divide us,” he declared.

Chamisa did not attend the February 6 invitation where 22 representatives of the 2018 harmonised elections were in attendance.

He instead set conditions for dialogue and mocked those who attended stating that dialogue is supposed to be between only himself and Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, at the same event Mnangagwa also assure diplomats that his government was against violence and will deal with rogue elements within the security forces.

He also reassured his commitment to the engagement and re-engagement with different nations as he believed it was the impetus to economic growth.

The occasion was a belated New Year celebration for members of the diplomatic corps and was held at State House.

The event was held late due to Mnangagwa’s pressing commitments bent towards nation building.