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Shadaya Roasts Rayvines, Calls Him ‘Stupid’ for Aligning with ZANU PF

Shadaya Roasts Rayvines, Calls Him ‘Stupid’ for Aligning with ZANU PF

Shadaya, a self-proclaimed alpha male, has launched a scathing attack on Rayvines and roasts African youth at large. He is accusing them of being not just poor but stupid.

Rayvines’ Alignment with the Ruling Party Raises Eyebrows

Rayvines, a socialite, stunned many when he publicly declared his willingness to join the ruling party during a yet-to-be-released interview on the Ollah 7 podcast. However, this unexpected move was met with strong opposition from the majority of netizens, who are enduring the consequences of policies implemented by the ruling party

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Shadaya’s Accusations of Youth Pandering to Elites for Survival

Shadaya’s post resonated with the controversy surrounding Rayvines’ decision. He criticized the African youth, including Rayvines, for blindly praising and pleasing the ruling elites in hopes of receiving small favors. According to Alpha, their actions reflect a poverty of the mind, as they fail to connect the dots between their bosses and the root causes of their problems.

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“They’re willing to do everything & say anything to be in their good graces, so they can be given crumbs. This is what happens when you’re stupid. Your mental capacity is unable to connect between your ‘bosses’ and your problems,” stated Alpha.

Misuse of Public Funds and Its Impact on the Youth

Alpha further accused the ruling elites of misusing public funds, which should be allocated to reducing unemployment, building infrastructure, supporting medical institutions, funding education, and other crucial developmental initiatives. Instead, these funds are allegedly spent on lavish mansions, luxury cars, and extravagant trips abroad.

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“The money your ‘bosses’ throw around building mansions, buying cars, traveling the globe, spoiling baddies is money that was supposed to reduce unemployment, build infrastructure, equip medical institutions, fund education, etc. See, the African youth’s problem isn’t ordinary poverty but poverty of the mind,” stated Shadaya.

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The heated debate sparked by Alpha‘s remarks sees young Africans defiant against his characterizations but defending their right to seek better opportunities. Meanwhile, others recognize the need for change and advocate for a more critical approach towards the ruling elites.