You are currently viewing El Gringo Calls Andrew Tate and Shadaya Followers ‘Idiots’
El Gringo Calls Andrew Tate and Shadaya Followers 'Idiots'

El Gringo Calls Andrew Tate and Shadaya Followers ‘Idiots’

El Gringo Calls Andrew Tate and Shadaya Followers ‘Idiots’

Self-made data scientist and socialite El Gringo has sparked controversy by calling Andrew Tate and the followers of Shadaya, referring to them as “idiots.”

Accusations of Misleading Teachings

During the interview on Ollah 7 podcast, El Gringo expressed his unfiltered opinion on Shadaya’s teachings. Without hesitation, he accused Shadaya of holding resentment towards women and asserted that his teachings are deceptive. El Gringo didn’t stop there; he went on to label both Tate and Shadaya as weak men, emphasizing that he considers himself more of an alpha than both of them.

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Men’s Mistakes vs. Women’s Mistakes

El Gringo acknowledged that both men and women make mistakes in life, but he emphasized that men tend to make more mistakes than women. He questioned the double standards applied to women who engage in multiple intimate relationships compared to men who do the same.

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Challenging Stereotypes and Reckless Statements

El Gringo criticized Shadaya’s statement that “one drunk man is more intelligent than three women with PhDs.” He considered it a reckless generalization and provided counterexamples to challenge the notion. El Gringo highlighted his own experiences working with successful women in business, including Henrietta Rushwaya, the current leader of small-scale miners in Zimbabwe.

Netizens Reaction on calling Shadaya’s Followers Idiots

Messent Ncube:Anongoruma ruma chero kuti unzwe nyaya yacho hazvinzwike.

Eric Ncube:

Anekaku zhangandira mface uyu ko kutaura wakadzikama …

Persie Chigoya:

Kooooo Olla ukaisaa vanhu vane nyaya ine musoro papodcast pakoo apa unobvei


Thank you for standing up for women. Women must be respected.


Ollah this guy is what we need as a nation, he speaks facts and anotaura zvinoreva . He is a genius and great. Big up El Gringo


El Gringo spoke the truth. He has a good sense of humour.