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Apostle Chiwenga Joins the Shadaya Movement

Apostle Chiwenga Joins the Shadaya Movement

Apostle Talent Chiwenga joins the Shadaya redpill movement, after his recent sermon on men who forgives their cheating wives.

Chiwenga’s Stance on Forgiveness

In a bold statement, Chiwenga emphasized that forgiveness does not extend to forgiving a wife who has been unfaithful. According to him, such forgiveness implies spiritual disability in the eyes of God. He expressed, “Ukaregerera mukadzi anenge ahura wakaremara pamberi paMwari iwewe.”

Echoes from Shadaya

Chiwenga’s views resonate with those of self-proclaimed alpha male, who consistently warns men about the true nature of women. Shadaya firmly believes that no woman accidentally undresses herself in front of another man.

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The Foolishness of Forgiveness

Alpha goes further, asserting that forgiving a woman caught red-handed in infidelity is a display of foolish behavior. According to him, forgiving such an act is akin to saying, “be careful next time.” He bluntly stated, “No one undresses in front of another man by mistake. How can you forgive such nonsense?’ Foolishness.”

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Controversial Remarks Spark Debate

These contentious statements from Apostle Talent Chiwenga and Shadaya have ignited a heated debate on the boundaries of forgiveness in relationships. Supporters argue that forgiveness is a fundamental aspect of love and growth, while critics contend that certain transgressions cannot be overlooked.

Netizens Reaction


Foolishness indeed! You can only forgive a cheating girlfriend if you have no options.


For real for real




Same applies for men. Let’s not be foolish!


she can be a witch ,a whatever but if she cheats its straight divorce


It’s a disgrace those kind of acts shouldn’t be forgiven


Kkkk haaa,but there is a question n answer section he did some years ago.He was asked tt same question on hw to deal with a cheating wife. n his response was “if you want to go heaven you forgive her.” The problem with him he flip flop,his straight is not straight at all.