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Dzivarasekwa Prophet Forced Out of Home by Wife: Takes Sanctuary at Local Church

Dzivarasekwa Prophet Forced Out of Home by Wife: Takes Sanctuary at Local Church

A self proclaimed prophet from Dzivarasekwa has been forced to seek refuge at a nearby local church after he was allegedly evicted from his home by his wife.

Husband Seeks Legal Protection

Robert Vezha approached the Harare Civil Court, seeking a protection order against his wife, Lucia Vezha, alleging verbal and physical abuse, as well as unauthorized disposal of their matrimonial property.

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Accusations of Assault and Property Disposal

Robert made serious accusations against his wife, Lucia, claiming that she subjected him to verbal and physical abuse. He recounted an incident where Lucia covered his face with a bucket and physically assaulted him before forcibly ejecting him from their shared residence.

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Robert further revealed that he sustained an injury to his eardrum during the altercation. He has been scheduled to a medical review for January 22. As a result of the escalating violence, Robert resorted to seeking shelter first in the vicinity of a tuck shop and later found refuge at a church in Dzivaresekwa.

Denial and Spiritual Justification

Lucia vehemently denied expelling her husband from their home, offering an alternative perspective. She claimed that Robert had returned from Mozambique and declared himself a prophet. Lucia further reviewed that Robert himself, expressed a desire to spend some time outside their home to commune with the divine.

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According to Lucia, Robert would take his blankets and choose to sleep outdoors, asserting that he wanted to communicate with God. She further revealed that Robert had reported her to the church authorities. He is accusing her of evicting him and selling their household property, including a uniform related to the church.

Protection Order Granted


After hearing both sides of the dispute, Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Robert Vezha the requested protection order. The court also issued a directive to Lucia, ordering her not to expel Robert from their matrimonial home. The protection order aims to ensure Robert’s safety and alleviate the distress caused by the alleged abuse.