Public works designers underfire over Mugabe mausoleum


Ministry of Local Government and Public Works officials responsible for designing the late former President Robert Mugabe’s mausoleum are under fire for spending thousands of dollars in a local hotel where they were booked while designing the state-of-the-art mausoleum “far from the public”, Zim Morning Post has heard.

Sources told this publication that 10 officials requested to book at a local hotel for a week and half.

They requested to be booked in a local hotel for one and half weeks. They then did the design of the mausoleum but one wonders why that was not done at the government offices,” the source said.

“The ministry is now ceased with this matter and we hope some disciplinary action will be taken.”

Mugabe, who died on September 6 and was declared a national hero, will be buried at the National Heroes Acre in a mausoleum which is yet to be built.

Constructing a mausoleum is proving to be costly.

The mausoleum on its own is expected to cost at least US$1 million, while the bill growing due to the hotel bill for the team which was working on both the design and plan.

Another source made indications to the effect that work at the ministry had come to a standstill as all ministry resources were being channelled towards construction of the mausoleum.

“Work at the ministry has come to a halt as all hands are on deck with the construction of the mausoleum.”

It is reported that the ministry is very strict where funds are concerned, but with the death of the former Zimbabwean leader, monies were being freely released.


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