Respect Mugabe’s last wishes: Malema


ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema of South Africa on Monday urged government to protect the legacy of former President Robert Mugabe by respecting his last wishes and those of his family.

Malema on Monday visited the Blue roof, the place where the Mugabe family resides in Harare to pay his last respects to the late former President as well as offer condolences to the former First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Addressing journalists at Blue Roof, Malema urged government to protect the legacy of Mugabe as well as consider the wishes of his family first.

“Part of protecting his legacy first and foremost is to respect the wishes of his family.

“It is absolute nonsense that you think declaring a person a national hero takes away the right of the family over the deceased,” he said.

Malema said the former first lady was strong, hence should be considered on anything to do with the remains of her husband.

“Every little detail of what we want to have around a dead body should be consulted with the family. There is a very strong surviving spouse here, which is not easily broken by arrivalist, so they ought to respect the wishes of this woman,” Malema added.

Malema acknowledged the teachings the former President advocated for.

He said Africa should unite and come under one President in order to fight colonialism.

“We need one Africa with one currency and one President. We need Africa that is going to grow politically, economically and socially, which would be regarded as China, as America and as Europe.

“The unity of African people is a threat to imperialism and colonialism and that is why they spend too much effort dividing us because they can only survive through division. This old person was strong to teach us that we are one thing,” Malema said.


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