Work on rural vote: MDC urged

THE MDC this week conceded there is a need to re-strategise in order to lure the rural electorate into voting for it after suffering loses in by-elections last week.

Its candidate lost in Zaka East parliamentary by-election amid reports the part is failing to penetrate in the rurals.

MDC secretary general Charlton Hwende criticised party leaders after they lost in both parliamentary and council elections in Lupane due to what he described as poor strategy.

“They failed to strategise on how to manipulate the rural vote and imposition of candidates also played a role in the defeats,” opined a top party official who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation.

Party vice-president Tendai Biti suggested that his party could have performed better.

“It is true that there is a lot we could do better in terms of our rural strategy and rural effort. It is true that we may need to re-define deployment strategy. But we lost #Lupane East to an uneven and unequal electoral playing field,” Biti said.

MDC apologist Pedzisai Ruhanya also took a swipe at the dismal performance.

“MDC came fourth in Inzinza council by-election. An independent candidate won. They lost to two independent candidates and its candidate hails from Bikita.

What excuses does MDC have. Was there no patronage and Zanu PF chicanery? Wake up guys; you are declining,” Ruhanya said.

Party leaders are also accused of dwelling much on past election victories rather than going back to the drawing board.