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Notorious Machete-Wielding Gang Member Arrested for Daring Robbery

Notorious Machete-Wielding Gang Member Arrested for Daring Robbery

One of the notorious machete-wielding gang members responsible for a robbery in Kuwadzana, where a couple was targeted and their car was stolen, has been arrested.

Arrest and Detention Application

Mxolisi Nkomo, a suspect in the case, appeared briefly before magistrate Stanford Mambanje. The State applied for a warrant to extend Nkomo’s detention, giving the police additional time to conclude their investigations before he is remanded.

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Details of the Robbery

According to court records, on January 7, the unsuspecting couple was abruptly awakened in their bedroom by Nkomo and his accomplices, who had already gained entry to their residence. Masked and armed with machetes, the gang members demanded money from the terrified victims.

Demand for Money and Stolen Items

Despite the wife’s assertion that they had no money, the robbers continued their threats, brandishing their weapons. Eventually, the couple surrendered US$200. Unsatisfied, the robbers ransacked the house and took three cellphones, a 15kg gas tank, a Jack hammer, various suits, a Toshiba laptop, clothing, blankets, and groceries.

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Escape in Couple’s Stolen Car & Breakthrough in the Investigation

Loading their loot into the couple’s gold Toyota Corolla, the criminals fled the scene, leaving the traumatized victims behind.

The arrest of Nkomo came after one of the stolen cellphones was traced back to him through the person to whom he had sold it. This key piece of evidence helped law enforcement authorities close in on the gang member.

Next Court Appearance

Nkomo is scheduled to return to court on Saturday, where further proceedings related to the case will take place. Lancelot Mutsokoti represented the State in the matter.