Chamisa says MDC being sponsored by individuals and supporters, but not captured


THE Nelson Chamisa-led MDC on Wednesday dismissed claims of intra-party fractures, saying the purported divisions were a figment of social media trolls known as varakashi.

Chamisa was forced to take a stand against allegations his party was on the verge after he and other leaders have been accused of selling out in the quest to remove Zanu PF from power.

Some party activists have accused the party’s leadership of allowing exiled former Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo and other G40 members to infiltrate party structures.

Addressing media at party headquarters in Harare, Chamisa said contrary to social media speculations his party was growing and evolving.

“Zanu PF’s varakashi have been on overdrive on social media to equalize us with Zanu. Our house is not fire. Our house is fire but certainly not on fire. We are vibrant. We are doing a lot to make sure the team that was elected at congress does its best to achieve results for the people of Zimbabwe.There is no confusion in the MDC,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa defended his move to welcome some former Zanu PF members who have joined the MDC, saying his was an evolving party.

He dismissed claims that the party had now been captured by some wealthy former G40 faction leaders, adding that anyone who had given money to the party did so voluntarily and out of goodwill.

Chamisa said the MDC was not financially stable, adding that it was operating on donations from party leaders and supporters.

In 2018, some G40 faction members, among them Moyo, Edmund Kudzayi, and Patrick Zhuwao openly campaigned for the MDC on social media, with others making donations to the party.

Kudzayi used his media experience to run adverts for the MDC, while Zhuwao paid US$6 000 to run the party’s radio adverts.

Moyo has gone an extra mile and published a book, Excelgate, which he claims exposes how Zanu PF rigged the 2018 elections.

Some MDC activists, including Freeman Chari have, however, claimed the party was compromised after it allowed prominent G40 members into the party.

In dismissing party activists who have claimed infiltration of the party, Chamisa said MDC was an evolving party that welcomed every person, adding that not everyone who voted for him in 2018 was an MDC supporter.

“I wasn’t aware Zhuwao paid for ads. But MDC welcomes every vote,” Chamisa added.

“I have 2.6 million votes. MDC does not have that number of people. So some are Zanu PF. All support is welcome as long as it doesn’t dilute ideological purity,” he said.

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