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Murder on the Farm: Farmer Takes Life of Employee in Chair Dispute

Murder on the Farm: Farmer Takes Life of Employee in Chair Dispute

Whisper Shenje, a farmer at Blue Mountain Farm in Vumba, allegedly took the life of his employee over a dispute concerning a chair.

A Brutal End

Simon Zororo Chipare, a man from Mozambique, met a gruesome fate at the hands of Shenje on the farm premises. Chipare sustained severe injuries, including bruises on the right leg, stomach, and chest, as well as deep cuts on the back of his head. Sadly, his lifeless body was discovered the following morning, concealed under a shed and covered with a blanket.

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Unraveling the Events

According to Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, the altercation erupted between Chipare and another employee, Shanty Dumba. Shenje intervened upon witnessing the fight, admonishing the two for their petty dispute. However, instead of defusing the situation, Shenje resorted to violence, wielding a log to assault both Chipare and Dumba.

A Gruesome Discovery

The discovery of Chipare’s lifeless body was made by Tino Jayiro, who stumbled upon it at the back of the farmhouse. Alarmed, Jayiro promptly notified Busiso Mhlanga, who then contacted the police. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, uncovering the extent of Chipare’s injuries, which included bruises and deep cuts on various parts of his body.

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The Fugitive Farmer

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka revealed that Shenje fled the scene immediately after committing the heinous act and is currently at large. The police are appealing to the public for any information that could lead to his arrest, urging individuals to settle disputes peacefully and refrain from resorting to violence, which tragically results in the loss of life. The authorities are determined to ensure that justice is served.