Matibenga-led PDP cannot recall Mafume

Court Mayor recall

THE purported recall of Harare mayor, Councillor Jacob Mafume, has gathered momentum amid reports Tuesday in one of the country’s dailies confirming the turn of events.

According to the daily, secretary general of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by Lucia Matibenga, Benjamin Rukanda, said Mafume had ceased to represent the interests of the party and, therefore, the recall.

Rukanda said the resolution by the PDP national executive committee held on September 12 had taken the decision (in terms of section 278 as read with section 129 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe) to recall Mafume from his two-week-old flirtation as mayor of Harare metropolitan, declaring his interests as being at cross-purposes with the party that sponsored him into council.

But Zim Morning Post today (Tuesday) spoke with Mafume on the legality of his recall.

“The PDP of (Lucia) Matibenga party is a different entity from that of Tendai Biti.

“The PDP led by Matibenga participated in another coalition of which I was not part to” Mafume said

Meanwhile, there are reportedly two PDPs, one of them a breakaway party led by the former MDC-T Member of Parliament, Matibenga.

The other PDP, according to Mafume, is led by Biti.

This publication is in possession of a May 17, 2018 registration certificate of Biti’s PDP by the African Regional Intellectual Organisation (ARIPO).

The registration of Biti’s PDP by ARIPO, according to political analysts, makes it impossible for any other party calling itself PDP to claim intellectual property ownership to it as long as (that political party) uses the same name inside Zimbabwe.

Apart from Mafume, the other councillors who were elected under the PDP ticket, but no longer represent the interests of the party, are Bulawayo Ward 24’s Arnold Batirai Dube and Mutare ward 12 councillor Simon Chabuka.


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