Busha takes a dig at Mnangagwa, Chamisa

Opposition leader and Free  Zim president Joseph Makamba Busha has thrown shade at  President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa describing the way they conduct their politics as outdated.

Busha said Mnangagwa is still stuck in “liberation politics” while his counterpart Chamisa is still believing in “students politics”.

“Our leaders have a desire to aspire to be white masters and they have oppressed us more than the white masters,” said Busha describing the ruling style of Mnangagwa.

Busha went on to say that the MDC Alliance which is led by Nelson Chamisa is a “demonstration movement” which will not take us anywhere.

“The MDC is a students’ movement which believes in demonstrations, let me make things clear that the MDC is a demonstration movement and ZANU PF is a liberation movement and the two parties lack the vision of the country,” said Busha.

Busha also took a dig at the issue of national dialogue saying that people who were participating in the dialogue were looking for jobs from ZANU PF as they do not have any capacity compared to him to unseat Mnangagwa in 2023 general elections.

“Those people who are participating in the dialogue they are looking for jobs from ZANU PF ,they know that they can not be Presidents of this country and you all know that the President you all want is seated here (describing himself),” added Busha.

Busha went on to hail Chamisa for snubbing the national dialogue describing it as “useless”.

“I am glad that Chamisa from the other opposition did not take part because that dialogue will not take us anywhere, it is a useless exercise,” said Busha.