— Tuku’s letter from the grave

The late national hero Oliver Mtukudzi

Dear my family
So on this day last year, I took my last breath at The Avenues Clinic when the Maker decided I had well served my 66 year stint on earth and healed the world through the positive messages in my music.

Of course, Thomas Mapfumo rubbished my music but I’m glad that at my funeral he passed condolences.

Well, family, I write this letter with a bitter-sweet feeling.

Let me start with the bitter part.

I heard Samantha is divorcing mkwasha Tinashe (Nengomasha) and I was not amused.

My daughter, did you consider the upbringing of my two grandchildren with parents apart.

Why do you want to sell the Hillside house and the other one in South Africa;  they are your children’s heritage.

I hear that you want to hang on to the furniture, come on, mwanangu, I did not raise you like that!

Anyway, you made your choice and I saw in the court papers you emphasised you had lost love and affection for mkwasha Tinashe.

I am elated, Selmor managed to step into my Godzilla shoes well. Of course, mine were bigger, but you are doing well my daughter.

I know Uncle Josh (Hozheri) will take your career to dizzy heights; he has a Midas Touch.

Remember when he used to promote my sold out shows? I endorse him and have no doubt his role will serve as an impetus to your career.

How is mukuwasha Tendai (Manatsa)? I have seen him on your side all the time supporting you.

My beautiful wife Daisy, I know memories of me give you  the strength  you need to proceed.

Remember when I wrote the song, Svovi Yangu, I meant it because you are the love of my life and after life.

I’m happy you have been strong and I read in the H-Metro that you have stopped mourning me.

Pakare Paye is glooming. I hear the canteen is still providing quality cuisines.

Yes , you have to move on with life and take care of the family because I will not ressurect, I am not Jesus!

I salute your bold decision of refusing to bury my body at the National Heroes Acre.

Every night I would whisper to you about how I felt about the government then led by Robert Mugabe.

When I penned the song, Bvuma, I told the media that there was no political innuendo but my wife, you knew the truth.

To my protegee, Munya Mataruse, you are doing well and are maintaining the legacy of Pakare Paye spirit.

However, I learnt that one of my former band members, Vimbai (Zimuto), is now a nudist.

I have seen her pictures on Instagram where she posed naked and I said to myself, well, art has no limits.

She wants to express herself just like I did with my Katekwe dances with Piki (Kasamba).

Piki, I love that brother!

He has stuck with Selmor even when retrogressive forces tried to hoodwink him.

Mbeu, I groomed you well and like a seed you germinated into stardom; dont let stardom ruin you.

I read in the Sunday Mail that womanising is taking a toll on you, stop it!

Unity is what I preach to you,  my family and pass my greetings to my fans who have immortalised my music.

I thank Doves and Nyaradzo for a well send off but I was dissapointed when some fellow artistes acted like there were closer to me.

Jah Prayzah robbed the limelight from Tocky Vibes at my gala at National Sports Stadium but as George Orwell said: “All animals are equal and noone is more equal than the other.” Tocky will have his day.

Family, I have to go I love you.

NB: This is an imaginary letter to take a light hearted approach to commemorate the one year annivesary of the late national hero Dr Oliver Mtukudzi. My his soul continue rest in power!


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