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Crowhill Farm Victims Demand ZRP and ZACC Take Down Fraudulent Couple

Uncovering the Pambukanis’ Plunder: Crowhill Farm Victims Demand ZRP and ZACC Take Down Fraudulent Couple

Crowhill farm victims who were fleeced by a fraudulent couple, Florence and Felix Pambukani, are calling on the Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission(ZACC), to intervene so that justice can be served.

A Trail of Deception

The story first made headlines when it was revealed that the Pambukanis had been illegally selling land that they do not own to unsuspecting buyers. Despite court orders to vacate the land, the couple continues to defraud people using fake court verdicts and urgent applications.

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Victims Demand Action

The victims are now urging the authorities to take action against the Pambukanis, who have a long history of fraudulent activities.

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“We are tired of their tricks; we need our money back,” said one anonymous victim, expressing their frustration. Another victim lives in fear, stating, “I know their history of hiring thugs to attack people; I don’t know what to do; I have nowhere to go.”

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Pambukani’s Violent History of Land Grabbing

The Pambukanis are accused of a history of evicting farmers from their land. Last year, they allegedly hired thugs to attack workers at Wakefield Farm, a farm they had tried to seize. In 2008, the Pambukanis illegally took over Scotsdale Farm, leading to the death of its rightful owner in 2010. After evicting Joubert, the couple also evicted all the farm workers, leaving them homeless.

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The Couple Remain Elusive

Attempts by the publication to reach the Pambukanis for comment were unsuccessful, as the couple could not be reached on their cellphones at the time of publication.

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A Call for Justice From ZACC and ZRP

The publication has called for a thorough investigation from ZACC into the matter to bring justice to the affected home seekers. With the victims’ cries for help, the ZRP must act swiftly to put an end to the illegal activities.