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Elevator Shoes – Do you want to look a bit taller?

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Elevator Shoes – Do you want to look a bit taller?


Elevator shoes are increasingly gaining popularity within women and men, providing not only comfort, but style. They’re a great shoe for comfort, along with increasing height, making you feel confident in style. We’re going to take a look at the benefits of these shoes and the best elevator shoes that are available.


What Are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are a type of shoe that has a thickened insole that makes you appear to be taller. The idea of these shoes is to make you appear taller, but they also come with any more benefits, including comfort.


The Benefits of Elevator Shoes

Now we have learnt about the history of elevator shoes and Emanuele Briganti, the man behind the guidomaggi shoes, it’s time to look at what are the real benefits of these shoes.


Increases Height

The first benefit of elevator shoes is that it helps to increase your height, invisibly. No one will ever know that you have a raised insole or inside of the shoe, as it’s all hidden within the shoe. Not only this, but it also means that there is no heel on the outside of the shoe, so it’s completely hidden. So, if you want to look a bit taller in your shoes, but don’t want the appearance of a heel or want it to be invisible, elevator shoes are excellent for achieving this. 


Improves Posture

Our next benefit of the elevator shoes is that they actually help to improve your posture. How the shoes are made and with the height increasement within them, it means naturally when wearing them, you will stand more up right and walk straight. Not only is this good for your posture and body, but by having a good posture, it makes your appearance look better, especially in a professional manner.



A key thing when it comes to wearing shoes and something that many people look for is comfort, shoes are something that are worn so often and sometimes for long periods of time, so it’s important for them to provide comfort. Very often, when it comes to finding shoes that make you look taller, they aren’t the most comfortable to wear and walk around in. However, with the likes of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, they provide comfort and will cause no harm to your health in terms of foot problems or back pain. So, not only are they great for making you appears taller, but they’re safe for your feet and body and even comfortable to wear!



Finally, on our list of benefits, we have style. A great thing about the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, created by Emanuele Briganti, is that they are stylish and suitable to wear with any kind of outfit or occasion. With the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes being made from Italy and being a luxurious shoe brand, you can be guaranteed that these shoes will bring you style and can be worn anytime, anywhere. 


So, we’ve taken a look at what exactly elevator shoes are and looked into the elevator shoe company. Along with having an insight to the shoes, we also looked at the many benefits they have, from increasing your height invisibly to providing comfort and style, there’s plenty of benefits to these shoes!