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Harare company ‘Creoville Investments’ in certificate of sponsorship scam

A Harare company ‘Creoville Investments’ is facing fraud charges for allegedly scamming a prospective UK migrant.

The company is accused of falsely promising to facilitate a certificate of sponsorship for employment in the UK.

The complainant, Enipher Chiwaridzo, sought assistance to obtain the certificate on September 4, 2023, the court heard. She was referred to Kudakwashe Banda, an employee of Creoville Investments.

Banda, who introduced himself as an agent assisting job seekers for UK employment, demanded US$6,050 for the process, including two months of accommodation and food.

Chiwaridzo paid the amount at Creoville’s office at Joina City, Harare, which Banda received on behalf of the company. However, the promised services were not delivered. Chiwaridzo is due back in court on June 27.

This case highlights the growing concern over certificate of sponsorship scams in Zimbabwe, with an increasing number of people being arrested and charged for defrauding unsuspecting victims.

A certificate of sponsorship, often required by migrant workers applying for skilled or temporary worker visas in the UK or other European countries, is an electronic record issued by foreign employers to prove job security.

In a related incident, Danie Nyamunda, director of Majestic Caregivers, was charged last year for defrauding three people of US$12,560 by promising to facilitate their certificates of sponsorship for UK health system employment.

Similarly, Innocent Chimutsi and Tawanda Marabada were arraigned in February 2024 for a similar scam involving 5,500 British Pounds from Andsen Patson, who sought a certificate for his wife. Patson discovered the certificate was fake during the visa application process.