You are currently viewing Sanyati Robber Arrested for Stealing a Cellphone from a Drunk

Sanyati Robber Arrested for Stealing a Cellphone from a Drunk

Sanyati Robber Arrested for Stealing a Cellphone from a Drunk

A Sanyati robber has been arrested for stealing a cellphone from a drunk after he presented himself as a potential buyer. Shepherd Charumbira, aged 23, appeared at Gweru Magistrate’s Court facing robbery charges.

Drunk Lured to Secluded Spot to Seal Phone Deal

The court heard that on June 5th, Emmanuel Tariro Nyoni was drinking beer in Gweru Central Business District. Around 11 PM, he ran out of beer and decided to sell his Huawei Mate 10 Lite cellphone. Then he met Charumbira, who presented himself as a potential buyer. Charumbira then proposed to conclude the deal at a secluded place. He then suggested they go to a spot along the railway line near Mutapa Garages.

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Drunk Assaulted, Phone Stolen After Being Lured to Secluded Spot

When they got there, Charumbira started insulting Nyoni and assaulted him with his fists and booted feet several times. It was only when he started threatening to kill him that he released the cellphone. Nyoni then went back to the place he was drinking and informed his drinking buddies about what had happened.

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Neighborhood Watch Catches the Thief

The following day, around 3 AM, Charumbira was caught loitering in the neighborhood by the neighborhood watch. They then searched him and found a phone with him that didn’t belong to him and arrested him. In the morning, Nyoni was called by the neighborhood watch to identify if the phone that was stolen from him was the one they had taken from Charumbira.

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2-Year Sentence for the Thief

“The accused person was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, of which 1 year was suspended. He will serve 2 years effective,” stated the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe press statement.