MDC-A elective congress 2019…..Biti,Welshman Ncube not eligible for any office?

As the build up to the MDC-A Congress slated for May 24-May 26 gathers momentum, constitutional experts have submitted that the two former secretary generals Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti cannot neither be appointed  nor elected to nay office since the party’s constitution clearly states that a candidate must have been a member for at least five successive years.

“If the MDC want to go the constitutional way then Biti and Welshman are not eligible to run for any office ,they should wait for five years or two years if they want to be in the district council,” explained a legal expert Advocate Samuel Chadenga.

Ncube and Biti broke away from the MDC in 2005 and 2013 respectively.

Ncube went to lead a break away MDC which was later referred as MDC N and Biti went to lead the MDC Renewal .

Ncube and Biti were re-admitted in the main opposition party in 2018 after elections .

Sources close to the on goings in the MDC-A said  Biti and Ncube are believed to be both vying for the Vice President’s post  though they are aware of the constitution.

“TB (Tendai Biti) and Welsh (Welshman Ncube) are eying the VP post and they are aware of the constitution which clearly stipulates that they can not even hold a district post,they are both lawyers” said our source.

Political analyst John Muchenje said  the MDC has no respect to their constitution .

“You must not be surprised to see Ncube and Biti in the MDC National Executive ,they have no respect for their own constitution ,look at the way Chamisa (Nelson) took power it explains how the MDC operates,“said Muchenje.

According to the MDC constitution  section 5 states that

“A member shall have served five years before he or she is eligible to hold the position in the Province, National Executive and National Council,” reads the clause of reference.

However, the MDC-A spokesperson Jacob Mafume said  their Congress is guided by a template from the National Council

“Our election at congress is guided by a template which would have been produced by the National Council,” said Mafume.

Mafume watered down claims that the MDC-A has a different copy of the constitution .

“We don’t have different constitutions but we have updated versions and the last updated version was signed by President (Morgan) Tsvangirai (late)between 2014 and 2015,”added Mafume