You are currently viewing Zim Hip Hop’s Priciest Performer: Saint Floew Stuns Fans, Charges US$6K per Show
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Zim Hip Hop’s Priciest Performer: Saint Floew Stuns Fans, Charges US$6K per Show

Zim Hip Hop’s Priciest Performer: Saint Floew Stuns Fans, Charges US$6K per Show

In a recent interview with Denny J, Saint Floew, a prominent hip hop artist, shocked fans by revealing that he charges a whopping US$6K per show.

This astonishing claim positions him as the most expensive hip hop artist to hire in Zimbabwe, surpassing renowned names like Takura, Holy Ten, and T Gonzi.

A Price Tag for Artistry

When asked about his exorbitant fee during the podcast, Saint Floew confidently stated that booking him requires a hefty sum of US$6,000. Defending his high price, he emphasized that he offers a unique artistic experience, promising to channel the vibes of esteemed musicians such as Jah Prayzah and Winky D upon request. “You’re getting one artist producing a whole show representing 10 artists,” declared Saint Floew.

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Emerging from the Depths

During the podcast, Saint Floew also opened up about his symbolic emergence from a coffin during his recent album launch. He revealed that the act held personal significance, representing his journey of overcoming drug addiction and embracing a renewed version of himself. Dismissing rumors that he had joined satanism, he remained resilient in the face of backlash, stating that the negativity had no impact on him.

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Lessons Learned from the Depths

Delving deeper into his past, Saint Floew shared insights gained during his time in rehab and his experiences with drug use. He disclosed that his substance abuse began long before his rise to fame, attributing it to a lack of purpose as an unemployed youth in the ghetto. Drugs became an escape from the monotony of life, providing temporary solace.

Netizens Reaction


I think people are misunderstanding Saintfloew , a lot has been said about him, and he always kept cool, now he is standing his ground makuti akuganza


We are Saints fans till death we will always support Saint


You are a star @Saintfloew


Most educative interview ever…. 👏👏 It resembles the real life every rising ghetto yut goes through


Saintfloew gets it now you need ego in hip hop. Holyten is never wrong, it’s a character that you need to keep up!


You now have one more fan Mr Saintfloew….+1 here. You take your time before you say something( haungodhomoke). I respect that