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Zanu PF Welcomes a Surprise Celeb Addition: Bev Stuns Fans By Attending Rally

Zanu PF Welcomes a Surprise Celeb Addition: Bev Stuns Fans By Attending Rally

In a surprising turn of events, popular dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda has joined the ranks of Zimbabwean celebrities aligning themselves with Zanu PF. The dancer made her appearance at a rally in the Midlands Province alongside her dancing companions, expressing solidarity with the political party.

Outrage and Social Media Backlash

A recent party hosted by the president’s son and attended by Zimbabwean artists, including Poptain, Enzo Ishall, Holy Ten, Micheal Magz, and Zimdancehall producer Levels, sparked widespread social media outrage. Many netizens criticized the artists’ decision to align with Zanu PF while the majority of Zimbabweans continue to endure financial hardships.

Insider Details and Ricky Fire’s Betrayal

Zimdancehall artist Ricky Fire has come forward to disclose insider information regarding his shift in allegiance from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) to Zanu PF. Ricky Fire’s association with Zanu PF was brought to light after images from the president’s sons’ party were leaked, causing a commotion among CCC supporters.

Ricky Fire’s Unapologetic Stance

Responding to the criticism, Ricky Fire remains unapologetic and resolute in his choices. He firmly asserts that outsiders should not question his decisions unless they are the ones responsible for his livelihood. Ricky Fire prioritizes his financial stability and his family’s well-being above the opinions of others.

Addressing Accusations of Satanic Ties

Refuting allegations of satanic associations, Ricky Fire boldly states that those who make such claims are the ones being misled by evil forces. He staunchly defends his freedom of choice and urges others to respect his decisions, emphasizing that those who harbor ill will without justification are the true followers of darkness.

Family Comes First for Ricky Fire

Highlighting his priorities, Ricky Fire emphasizes his role as a family man who will take any necessary measures to provide for his loved ones. Securing their well-being through basic necessities, such as food, shelter, and education, takes precedence over pleasing fans or critics.

Acceptance of Consequences

Despite the potential loss of fans due to his affiliation with Zanu PF, Ricky Fire shows readiness to accept the consequences of his choices. He remains steadfast in his commitment to prioritize his family’s welfare, even if it means a decline in popularity.

Recalling Ricky Fire’s CCC Affiliation

Last year, Ricky Fire gained attention when he publicly aligned himself with the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). He actively participated in CCC rallies, using his music to entertain and engage with fellow members.