Residents should desist from paying council workers ,says Clr John

CHITUNGWIZA Ward 21 Councillor Kudakwashe John has advised residents no to pay for services rendered to them by Chitungwiza town council workers, as it was the council’s mandate.

 John was addressing hundreds of ward 21 residents who attended the final feedback meeting at Kenneth Hall crèche in his ward .

 The meeting was also graced by other councillors from Chitungwiza who included the town Mayor Lovemore Maiko.

John said that it is the council’s mandate to provide effective service delivery and it is not the mandate for residents to part away with their hard earned money in paying council workers who are also paid by the council.

“We call upon residents not to pay for services to council workers, they are paid by the council and it is our duty as council to provide service delivery to the people of Chitungwiza” said John.

They are several reports that Chitungwiza Town council workers have been charging residents for service which includes fixing sewer pipes in the dormitory town which the councillor said this should stop forthwith.

“I think that behaviour should stop (Paying Council Workers for Service) but when you buy them bread or cook for them it is out of love and that should not be reported to council but if they demand money from you please report to council,” added John.

 Ward 21 residents applauded the councillor for organizing such a well-attended feedback meeting.

“I want to thank our councilor for coming back to us, we hope to have such more meetings in the forthcoming year, this meeting was an eye opener,” said a woman identified as Mai Joro.

The councillor also asked young people to attend such meetings as they will also benefit them.

“I call upon our young people to attend such meetings as they benefit them also, I am well pleased with elderly they do not miss meetings and young people to follow suit,” added John